Two Label Systems

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Announcing the Labor-Free Apply On The Fly As The Carton Goes By Shipping Label & Packing List Fulfillment System. True Automated Print & Apply designed to replace the traditional shipping label and cumbersome “Packing List Enclosed” plastic pouch on outgoing parcel shipments.  The system is designed to dramatically increase profits and eliminate the human labor bottleneck in traditional shipping/manifesting systems. The Labor-Free Labeling System is designed for high volume (500,000 and up) parcel distribution operations.


  • Organizations/distributors that receive sealed cartons and ship out in the same sealed carton
  • Companies with a corporate mandate to have the packing slip on the outside of the box
  • Companies that want to automate and simplify the shipping label packing list operation as a box goes down a conveyor (true print and apply)
  • Companies that want to gain efficiencies by eliminating manual jobs with machines
  • Companies that want to eliminate the expensive and hard to handle plastic pouch for packing list


  • Sequentially apply and verify both the Packing List and Carrier Shipping Labels on variable size and weight cartons
  • Eliminates labor and increases shipment accuracy
  • Reduces paperwork and poly-bag packing list inserting costs
  • Faster - improve your on-time shipment delivery
  • Thermal transfer or direct thermal
  • Complements RF picking, pick to light and voice activated systems
  • Packing lists can be put on every carton or on specific cartons only
  • Outperforms 12 manually operated manifesting stations (25 per minute LFLS vs. an estimated 2 per minute by one person manually)
  • Payback typically in 6 months or less


  • “Thinking outside the box – LITERALLY” was required in order to conceptualize the patented two-label system design
  • The shipping label has a 7/8” outer perimeter adhesive border around a 6” x 4” (or custom size) non-adhesive center section to print the outbound parcel shipping information
  • The recipient can easily remove the shipping label’s non-adhesive center section by pulling a die cut zipper from left to right. Once the shipping label is removed, the confidential Packing List is exposed 
  • The packing list has 1/2” strips of adhesive on the left and right side with a non-adhesive center section that can easily be removed by pulling up in one motion
  • Paper only documents remain to file for record purposes since the adhesive portion of the shipping label and packing list stays on the carton
  • Static terms and conditions can be pre-printed (press-printed) on the back of the shipping label and packing list’s non-adhesive center section


  • Manufacturers
  • Distribution centers
  • Catalog fulfillment centers
  • High volume distribution/manufacturing facilities

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