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The Furniture Law Label was put into effect in the early 1900s to inform consumers what was being stuffed into their bedding and furniture cushions. This prevented manufacturers from inserting potentially hazardous material such as hair, corn husks or whatever was handy and within reach at the time. Typically these tags begin with a phrase such as “This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer”. Law Labels must give a description of the materials by way of a percentage of the total weight of the filling materials. Example: Polyester-65%, Cotton- 35%. Right now over 30 states require Law Labels, although the products requiring them vary from state to state. This is a little known market with a wide variety of clientele and a nice profit potential.


• Mattresses
• Pillow
• Car Seats
• Futons
• Sleeping Bags
• Comforters
• Cushions
• Sofas
• Ottomans
• Loveseats
• Chairs
• Office Furniture

Product Solutions

• Fan-folded, pin-fed labels
• Cut Sheet labels
• Laser, Direct Thermal, Thermal
• Synthetic and paper labels
• Two Materials on One Liner
• Pattern Adhesive/Silicone

Product Solutions
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