Fold Under Labels

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Do you need an all in one shipping solution?  Our Fold Under Labels allow you to have a combination shipping document which includes a packing slip and shipping label and can even include a return label.  The Fold Under Label will save you time by eliminating steps in the shipping process.


  • All in one shipping document that combines a packing slip and shipping label
  • May also include a return merchandise label
  • Predominately direct thermal or thermal constructions but also available for laser or impact


  • Improved accuracy because shipping label and packing slips are printed and applied at the same time
  • Combination document means fewer inventory items to stock
  • Packing slip does not get misplaced in the box


  • Auto-Fold Label® option available
  • Variety of sizes and configurations available
  • “Zip strip” feature can be added for easy access to the packing slip
  • Return merchandise label can be included
  • Size and shape can be altered to increase or decrease size of packing slip as needed
  • Very simple to sophisticated constructions available depending on the application


  • Any company who ships predominately one carton per shipment
  • Companies that do not open the case before shipping products

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