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Ward/Kraft’s Specialty Coatings Label Division has been in operation since 1992 and is different from our traditional label manufacturing plant.  Specialty Coatings has the ability to custom coat in line the pressure sensitive material used in the converting process.

The efficiencies of the process in this plant make us a valuable source for large orders and specialty products. Large orders of traditional label products such as EDP, laser sheets, thermal, roll labels, etc.; can be priced more competitively because of the material cost advantage.  Many specialty products are a natural fit because the material is custom laminated in-line. Specialty solutions include pattern adhesive, stripe adhesive, pattern silicone, special face stocks and liners, uni-web label/forms, partial liners, printing under the adhesive, two face stocks on one liner, and any number of specialty adhesives.

Specialty Coatings is also the home of LaserBand®, Mighty Tac, Fold Under Labels, Uni-Ship and Duplex Shipping Labels.

The Ward/Kraft Specialty Coatings Label Division will continue to help you provide the most innovative business and document solutions in the industry!

WK Specialty Coatings
201 East 23rd St.
PO Box 938
Fort Scott, KS 66701
800/821-4021, First Available Agent (Custom) x4104 or First Available Agent (Stock) x4801 
fax 620/223-6640

LASER BAND® is a federally registered trademark of LaserBand, LLC.